One of the most complete volleyball players of her generation and a fantastic all-around athlete, Logan does it all... hitting, blocking, defense, passing, serving and even setting out of system.

"Highland High volleyball coach, Kim Norman, remembers the day Logan's volleyball dream began. She came into our gym at 13, having never played volleyball in her life. She was wearing baseball cleats and had played on the boys' baseball team. She jumped up and took a big walloping sweep. The coach blinked — and saw a star." (Deseret News)

Highly recruited by numerous colleges and the USA national team, Logan chose Stanford University. Later at only 19, Logan made the Olympic team (she was the youngest on the roster by two years) and helped the U.S. finish fourth in Sydney with 96 kills, 64 digs, 17 blocks and 8 aces. Her U.S. teammates call her "Doogie", after TV's Doogie Howser, the teenaged doctor. "I'll be 40 and they'll still be calling me Doogie," she says.(NBC)

At 23, Logan went to her 2nd Olympic Games in Athens 2004 and Logan led the U.S. team in scoring with 101 points (79 kills, 15 blocks, 7 blocks). The U.S. finished 5th and after the Olympics, Logan continued with her professional career overseas.

In the fall of 2007, Logan returned to the U.S. team and helped the team qualify for the Beijing Olympics. Playing in her 3rd Olympics, she was named Best Scorer at the 2008 Olympic Games with a total of 124 points scored (96 kills, 19 blocks and 9 aces).

Having helped the U.S. team already qualify for the London 2012 Olympics, Logan has her sights set on her 4th Olympics.